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about01Pawin'Around dog day care and boarding has busy days planed. Your dog can run all day in our large indoor play area complete with doggie play equipment, and durable toys. In addition, Pawin'Around's unique space can be divided in two for a totally separate playroom for small dogs, puppies, and sensitive dogs too. Our playroom is always bustling with lots of fun activities: fetch, tug, and chase are some of the standard favorites.

about02 Our unique play area have been thoughtfully planned to allow for social interaction as well as safety. Although the dogs are given the freedom of space, there is a large rest areas for "time-outs" should one of our play friends exhibit naughty behavior or just need some quiet time away from the group. The staff is trained to recognize signs of over-stimulation and can step in to intervene, ensuring the safety of all in our care.

about03Your pets safety is our #1 concern. We have taken every measure to assure that your pet is in a risk-free and sanitary setting. We offer clean comfortable beds, safety fences, a climate-controlled environment, and the list goes on. Our focus is that we care for your pet just as well as you do.

Our Hours:
Mon - Fri 7:00am to 7:30pm Sat & Sun 10:00am to 4:30pm